Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Not a Medal Contender...

So, I didn't finish my Knitting Olympics project. I also didn't finish my sweater (although it's all sewn together - thanks Mom!). I was doing alright the first week, but then I took the little kids to my parents' for the week, and the knitting time just wasn't there. I had fun competing, but I had way more fun watching the Olympic Athletes.

We had a great visit though (despite a little tummy bug the beginning of the week.) Western New York had a decent amount of snow, and that meant lots of outside time for the kids. We even went sledding a couple of times! (I can't seem to move the picture, so it's above.) I love telling myself that all that fun counts as exercise.
If all goes well, March will be a month of significant knitting.


Nina said...

The important thing is that you had fun, right? I only got my hat done eventho I had a whole week off and would have had time to do *anything*. But no, I just sat around all week, being lazy. :)

Jknits said...

glad you had a good trip. I love your project and I'm sure it will be beautiful.