Monday, May 11, 2009

FO Picture: Sun Hat

Here's a picture of the sunhat I made to match the Fiona Sundress. It's a little big on the baby, but she has some time to grow into it before summer.

I've tried a little spinning. It's not too pretty.

I've started a tank top for little girl. It's mostly stockinette, so will hopefully be done soon!

Tomorrow we're off to Buffalo for a wedding!


km said...

Have a wonderful time with family. The hat is super cute. I have some roving...I bought it a year ago...but I'm scared to try even.

Judy11 said...

You sure have been busy. I would love to get to the NH event some year - but it is always the same day as an Arts & Crafts festival in our town that we always go to/help out at. Perhaps we can get together with the little ones at a playground once school is out. I know both Katie and I would love to meet Sarah :)

Jknits said...

darling hat - now if we could just get some consistent sun!

Anonymous said...

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