Sunday, May 3, 2009


I totally am hearing Carly Simon in my head right now.

Next Saturday is the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, and I am SO EXCITED! Two years ago, I went for the first time. I brought the husband and three kids. They did enjoy the animals, the sheep shearing demonstrations, and the dog herding demonstrations. And then....well, they were done. I browsed the vendors for about an hour without them, but felt pressured to hurry. It was a fun day, but I left wishing I had more time to browse around. Also, as a festival novice, the yarn choices were overwhelming!

Last year, I brought some knitter friends (only of which is even potentially a serious knitter) and a list of potential projects. Again, I felt a little rushed. This year, I'm going by myself! (Although, I'm possibly bringing the baby, just because I'm a convenient food supply. She likes being outside, so I think it will be fine. And, if it's raining, she's staying home). I know my knitting time will be limited this year, but I'm developing a list of projects and yarns to look for while there. And you know what? I'm going to enjoy the sheep shearing demonstration all over again!

Will I see any of you there?


km said...

wish I was going. Have fun. You totally deserve it!

Anonymous said...

It's about time you get some "me" time. Hope you enjoy every bit of it.