Sunday, December 30, 2012

Images of Christmas

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Our family had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I received some very knitterly gifts, but I'll share them another time.

We left the 26th for my parents' house, but spent that night in a motel. The snow made the roads too difficult to drive! Thankfully, we arrived safely in time for brunch on the 27th and celebrated Christmas again with my family.

I'm very much enjoying being home. We've gone sledding every morning and I've taken walks every night. The kids are playing nicely with their toys and LOVING the snow.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas vacation:

A family of Snowmen wrapped candy bars
My Dad's Tree - at least a thousand ornaments and who knows how many lights

The street at night - my favorite time to take a walk

A pretty decorated pine
I hope that you're having a wonderful time this week as well!

Happy Holidays!

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