Monday, September 17, 2012

Viking Hoodie

I finally finished weaving in the ends of my Viking hoodie. I have to say, that despite issues with the fit, I think this sweater looks great! I'm really proud of the work that I did and I hope that with the right tweaking (drapery weights and a zipper) and a little bit of weight loss that it will look as good on me as it does on a hanger!


Jane said...

It looks great!

I'll reply to your comment on my lace fence here.
Start small, like a 4in tall fence around a flower bed. This way it's fast and you can show it to your husband after it's all done ;)

Before he knows, knitting will have taken over the whole house.

Joan Kosmachuk said...

Gorgeous -- love the color. You did a great job and you are looking great too!

sapphireblue said...

Oh my gosh! I must make that. It's gorgeous! Good job.