Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

I may never be organized, especially with my kitchen stuff. I also can't find my Denise needles, which is kind of a big deal. I have knitting to do!

Last weekend was the baby shower for my BFF who is expecting triplets sometime in the next 4-12 weeks. I didn't think I would manage to get much done, but I finished 2/3 of my goal.

 First up, I made numbered hats. I hope they wear them a lot!!!


 I also made Tummy Warmer vests. These took a lot longer than I thought they would! The stitch pattern is easy, but kind of finicky. Also, something about the way I twisted the needles kept causing my interchangeables to separate from the cord. SO TIME CONSUMING! I think everything turned out really cute though!

The third hat is done, but I need to duplicate stitch on the "3". I haven't started the 3rd vest yet, but hey, I still have 4-12 weeks!

I'm getting SUPER excited for Rhinebeck!!!! 45 days to go! I'm hoping to submit 2 knitted items and one skein of handspun to the Skein and Garment competition. I've started the first knitted item and I have my first single done for the handspun. My mom rescued my sweater this weekend (she also sewed the buttons onto the vests), so I'm almost positive that it will be ready to wear for the Festival. I sincerely hope that there is much more knitting content to come!

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