Monday, September 24, 2012

Finished Stuff!

Last night, I finished my featured breed item to submit to Rhinebeck. I just have a skein of handspun to finish up and I can send my submissions into the judges!

I'm going to hold off showing you pictures of those things until closer to Rhinebeck (25 days and 20 hours to go!), but I do have a couple of FOs to show off today.

First, I finally finished the ruffly scarf I started with the kid mohair/silk yarn I bought at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival in May. This was a great project for taking on the go because it didn't need all the much attention. Unfortunately, the whole moving thing got in the way of most knitting so it was VERY slow going. Last week though, I buckled down and finished it up. What do you think?

I love that the colorway is called "Roses". This scarf just makes me happy!

(Do you think the neighbors thought I was crazy hanging a scarf on this bush and taking a ton of pictures?)

I also knit up this little thing last night:

Cabled Bracelet is a free pattern on Ravelry. There's nothing but yarn there - no bangle, no wire. So, a super, SUPER easy and fast knit. It totally reminds me of the white rope bracelets we used to wear in the summer when I was in Junior High. There's a few variations and I plan to try them all!

I knit this one up while watching the podcast Knits in Public. I happened upon Theresa's blog while tooling around Ravelry, and I've loved seeing all of her FO's. I've been watching her podcast on my Nook during the evenings while I'm waiting for Baby Girl to fall asleep. She won't stay in her bed unless I'm on the second floor. So, I sit in the hallway and knit. The last two nights, I've also been watching podcasts.

Good times.

This morning I started work on yet another Cotton Kisses Cardigan as a commissioned knit. I hope to finish that this week and next week finish up the third Tummy Warmer. After that, I'll have to decide what to start next. I have a feeling it's going to be the shawlette pattern I bought in New Hampshire, but we'll see.

Happy knitting!


Joan Kosmachuk said...

pretty scarf and cute bracelet -- sounds like you should set up your knitting room on the second floor!

sapphireblue said...

The bracelet reminds me of a scrunchi. Great job on both projects.