Monday, July 9, 2012

Tour de Fleece

I have not been spinning every day for the Tour. There's stuff going on around here, and it's keeping me from focusing on my favorite hobbies (no worries, it's all good stuff. I'll share later this week).

However, I did wind off a cop this morning. Here's what I have:

I knew I wouldn't being spinning every day, but I did think I would find more time than I have so far. My goal is to spin up the entire 9 oz. ball of fiber. Hopefully, that will actually happen.

We had a wonderful week at my parents' house. I totally relaxed, took naps under the windchimes, and leisurely walks around the neighborhood. The kids played with all the other neighborhood kids, and everyone was happy. I should be stressing about the lack of knitting, but I'm just not.

I hope to get back to regular blogging, but right now, I'm not committing to anything.


Jane said...

You yarn looks great!

Why stress over what you didn't do, when what you guys did sounds that good?

Dorothy said...

Jane, you're so right!!!! I had a wonderful visit with my parents, and am thankful for the rest. The fiber isn't going anywhere, and it doesn't complain about being neglected.