Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Thank you for all the kind comments about our house. We are anxious to actually move in and make it truly ours. In the meantime, though, we're slowly packing, and researching all kinds of different things - cost of play structures for the kids, Victorian-style kitchens, and the town's trash pickup, and other such fun things. However, it hasn't all been great news around here. On Sunday morning, my husband was in an accident while riding his bicycle and broke his collar bone. I shouldn't even complain about this - it's evident from his injuries and the marks on his helmet and clothes that if he had not been wearing a helmet, he would be dead or in a vegetative state. Kids - wear your helmets!!!!! Almost all serious bikers (which he is) break their collarbone at least once. I would have just liked it to NOT be a month before we move. He has surgery to repair the break (which isn't just a simple break, but a multiple one) on Thursday, and he won't be able to lift anything for a few weeks. So, guess who'll be packing everything by herself? He's in some pain; the pain medication helps quite a bit, but it also makes him a little loopy, which means I'm also dealing with the kids all by myself. It's exhausting. Again, I'm super duper thankful that this wasn't much worse, but that doesn't really help alleviate the stress. And then, this evening, my car died. Couldn't be jumped, wouldn't make a sound, dead. I'm hopeful it's just the starter, but who knows. And since I'm on the complaint wagon, I'll also add that baby girl doesn't want to nap since everyone else is home all day, and she's exhausted and confused by the move, and she's pretty abominable to be around these days. Did I mention that I'm feeling stressed and exhausted? I'm going to try to count my blessings! My family is alive and well (or should be well in 4-6 weeks, anyway). We're moving into our total dream house next month, and the kids will have plenty of space to grown and play. We believe that God has a plan for us, and that He is going to take care of us, so really, we've got nothing to worry about. We've already collected a ton of free boxes, a desk, and a dresser from Craigslist (have you SEEN what people give away? It's crazy!!!!!). In short, we have nothing to complain about, even if we have hit some bumps (or, in my husband's case, holes) in the road. I'll try to stay on the positive side of things, but I'm finding it hard to do in the moment. Maybe I'll start singing that song from White Christmas.

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Jane said...

Hang on there, it will soon be over (or if you're anything like us, you'll still have stuff boxed up after a year).

I wish we were closer so I could help you somehow.

Ask the other kids to play with the baby girl - maybe if they get her really tired she'll take naps ;)

Our old house (5 years newer than yours) doesn't have a fireplace either, but like yours, it's perfect for us in all the other ways.

Last year we were busy with restoring the house and ended up moving about the same time of the year (around July), so we didn't have time to plant many things. We did get a tomato plant. This year we're having a blast with the yard :)
From what I saw in the pics, you'll have plenty of space for a really nice vegetable garden.

One last advice, take it slow - the house is yours and you'll have all the time in the world to make it just perfect. Don't try to fix everything all at once.
Oh yeah, we got cabinets for the kitchen (which had none) at Home Depot, unfinished. They go for a very good price and you can finish them any way you want (if you want to paint them, use oil paint with a roller - ask me how I know).

Fast recovery for your husband.