Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bakersfield Shawlette

I won a small contest on my favorite Ravelry forum and was gifted with the most beautiful skein of handspun from Kelli:

She had already given some thought to patterns that would pair well with this yarn and I chose the Bakersfield Shawlette. This Shawlette is knit end to end - no picking up stitches or fancy-pants add-ons, just garter stitch and the lace edge knit simultaneously. I loved knitting it! And, I love it even more now that it's done!

Here's a close-up of the edge:
This yarn was such a pleasure to work with and I love the way it striped. I think this will be the perfect thing to bring to church in the summer. The air-conditioning makes the sanctuary really chilly! Hopefully, I'll get some action shots on a sunny day so you can really see the beautiful colors.
I'm working on a fun, frilly scarf right now and still trying to finish up my Viking Hoodie. I had it all done, but I hadn't picked up enough stitches for the ribbing and it was just wrong. I've ripped it out and will start again.
I've made a list of knitting stuff I'd like to have done by the end of summer. I think it's fairly ambitious given the time I've had to knit lately, but you never know. I haven't been knitting every night, but if I can get back to that, I might get it all done!
Happy knitting!

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Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

pretty shawl -- so sad about the Viking hoodie. I hope you meant you just ripped back the ribbing and not the whole sweater?!