Saturday, May 26, 2012

Posting Problem

I know there's been a lack of posting around here, and I'm pretty sure it's directly tied to the lack of knitting that's going on around here.

The lack of knitting is a huge issue, because I have a wool sweater to finish and it's getting a little hot to be having a big pile of wool on my lap.

I hope to get back to you soon with some knitting content. I have signed up for the Ravelympics, but have yet to decide in what events I'll take part. I've also singed up for Tour de Fleece, and though I still need to fine tune my specific goal, I'll be working on the border leicester fiber I bought in NH.

Happy knitting!


lauriec said...

Serious lack of knitting here too---I'm blaming PTA obligations & the 90+ degree heat.

I need to come up with something for my Ravelympics project too!

kathy b said...

THanks for the blog mention. YOu are IN the contest.....I have not seen her blog yet. Planning to go there now!