Friday, April 6, 2012

Rhinebeck Fantasy

In the Rhinebeck group on Ravelry, someone asked what our fantasy itinerary would be. Here's my response, for your reading pleasure:

I've been playing this game in my head since I booked my motel!!!

Okay, in my fantasy, I leave early Thursday morning (and of course, the weather is gorgeous! Cool enough for all my handknits, but comfortable). Once in the Hudson Valley, I head to the Vanderbilt Mansion. I have a lovely little picnic for one on the grounds, and than tour the house. Since time will basically stand still, I will also have time to tour the grounds of the FDR house, and maybe even Val-Kill. From there, it's on to the CIA for dinner (probably D'Medici's). I'll have an outstanding 6 course meal (appetizer, pasta, protein, salad, cheese, and dessert), and I'll try some new things and exotic things and love them!

I'd check into my hotel (in my fantasy, of course I'm staying at the Holidome! I might even go for a little swim before bed! Because I won't be at all over-stuffed my 6 course meal). Friday morning I'm up early to attend Abby Franquemont's drop spindle workshop. After the workshop, I meet up with my mom and we go somewhere nice for dinner. Then, we hang with all the knitters in the lobby until bedtime. I'll know some people from online to look for, and when we meet in person, it will be like we've known each other forever!

Saturday we'll be up early to be at the fairgrounds before the gates open. We'll shop leisurely, with projects in mind, and find fabulous deals for everything we want. There won't be much of a line for the artichokes, and we'll try them since we've heard so much about them. Of course, they'll totally live up to all the hype. There will also be some awesome lamb kabobs and kettle corn. We'll remember to stayLink hydrated too!

As we leisurely shop, we'll run into Steph, and Anne, and Ann and Kay. We'll greet each other like old friends, and they'll totally know who I am and are thrilled to see me. We'll also run into a variety of other amazing knitters, many of whom are on my Rhinebeck Bingo card. There will be no line at The Fold, so we'll get to see for ourselves what all the fuss over Socks that Rock is about. Before we leave for the day, we'll buy some wine and cheese from the food vendors, and have a little tailgating party in the parking lot while we wait for traffic to thin out. Other super cool Ravelers will have had the same idea, and we'll have a blast comparing purchases, project notes, and giving impromptu spinning and lucet lessons.

On Saturday night, there will be a Ravelry party. Mom and I will have no problem finding a parking spot/getting on a bus/finding a seat. We'll enjoy cupcakes and visiting with our new best friends from Friday night. We'll both win an awesome door prize. We'll leave reasonably early, to avoid the rush back to the parking lot, and get back to our hotel where we fall asleep quickly in them most amazingly comfortable beds ever!

Sunday we'll be back at the fairgrounds early again. Today is about the animals, the sheep to shawl competition, and maybe shopping for a spinning wheel (since money is no object). Today's food includes fried dough, donuts, and maybe even fried pickles. I'll find perfect little gifts to bring home to my kids, and a last minute deal on some cashmere or quivit. (Not that I really know what quivit is, just that I want some).

Because I'll be way too tired to drive home Sunday after the fair, I stay at the hotel for another night. On Monday, I take the time to walk across the Walkway over the Hudson, after eating breakfast at the EverReady Diner. I'll stop at WEBS when I drive through Northhampton, and pick up a couple of sweaters' worth of yarn. The rest of my drive home will be relatively uneventful, although I do pet the skein of cashmere in my lap every couple of miles or so.

When I arrive home, my husband is not at all disturbed by the large quantities of yarn/fiber in the trunk, and he even agrees that buying three fleeces, despite the fact that I've never washed, carded, or in any way prepared fiber to be spun, was a great idea! I put my purchases away in my lovely little craft room, and my husband and children listen with rapt attention while I explain each one's purpose.

I'll go to bed that night knowing that most of what I bought will be spun/knit up by next year, so it's a good thing that I've already made my hotel reservations for Rhinebeck 2013. This time, at a lovely little bed and breakfast....

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