Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple Striped Socks

Although there has been a lot of knitting - I've finished a hat, a baby cardigan, and started some baby legwarmers, there hasn't been a lot of photographing going on. (Or blocking, for that matter).

But, at long last, here's a picture of my striped socks:

I knit these while walking the kids to and from school, in line at the grocery store, and waiting in doctors' offices. I LOVE knitting with self-striping sock yarn, and need to have these projects going more often.

The yarn is Berrocco Sox that I won from a contest on IrishEyes Kathy's blog.

I had intended to spend tonight fixing the last cable repeat I worked on my Viking Hoodie, but I can't seem to find my chart!!!! (This is a theme today. Earlier, I couldn't find my copy of 60 Quick Baby Knits). So, I'm working on baby legwarmers, and searching for the chart during commercial breaks.

I'm still not knitting nearly enough to make a dent in my stash before Rhinebeck, but I'm trying. My stash isn't out of control by any means, but I'd like to keep it manageable.

Happy Knitting!

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