Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Celtic Knot Stole

I had started this stole in the spring of 2008. I had hoped to make it for my best friend, and when she got engaged that Christmas, I was hoping to have it finished for her wedding.


It turns out it is impossible to knit with laceweight yarn, or white yarn, when one has a newborn. I've worked a row here, or a row there since then, but it was no where close to being completed. I had decided that 2011 would be the stole's final year on the needles. It had to get done!

It also turns out that 2011 was a year that sucked eggs for my friend. Sucked right up until the end, when she finally decided to wait for 2012 by hiding under the covers, praying that nothing else came along for her to deal with. The sucky part of all of this for me is that I live 8 hours away from her, and I have 4 kids, and it just isn't possible for me to drop everything and go hug her, no matter how many times I've wanted to do last year. And believe me, there's been a ton of times.

2012 holds a lot of questions for my friend, and there's still a lot to deal with, but now, she can wrap herself up in a knitted hug, whenever she needs to. It's not quite the same as having your best friend with you, but hopefully all the love and prayers knit into this stole will make a difference.

I'm actually glad it took me so long to knit this - my chart reading skills and ability to "read" my knitting have improved quite a bit since I began this project, and that made knitting the bulk of it a lot easier. I'm thrilled with the final product.

My friend seemed thrilled too, and I felt quite complimented when her husband exclaimed: "Wow! You're good!"

I hope it helps my friend to have a much happier 2012!


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

THAT IS STUNNING -- GREAT JOB and I pray your friend has a much better year to come!

Jane said...

Well done! The stole is gorgeous. I'm sure it will help your friend.