Monday, June 21, 2010


I had an amazing weekend. The kind of weekend that parents of four young kids should not rightfully have. I scored a trifecta - three nights out in a row, without the kids. Friday night, a friend watched the kids and the husband and I went to a local pizza place and had a meal uninterrupted by a constant stream of little kid chatter (Mama! Mama! Do I have to eat that? Daddy! No! He looked at me! She touched my plate! Mama! MAAAAAMAAA! Why are carrots orange? How many bites of this do I have to eat to get dessert?). We had hoped for a fancier meal to celebrate our birthdays, but various elements in the universe conspired against us. We settled for an hour at the pizza place (with REALLY good pizza!)

But, we still wanted to go somewhere kind of fancy for our birthdays. We looked at our schedule, we consulted with the babysitter, and she was free on Saturday, and so off to a fancy dinner we went. I got to wear a dress and everything! Dinner was delicious and slow, and it felt like a real live date!

Father's Day, we took the kids to the Boston Public Garden after church. We saw lots of pretty flowers.

We rode the Swan Boat.

And we even saw some real live swans.

The kids and the Dad had a great time. We stopped by my in-law's house for lunch, and then, my weekend went off the charts. My BIL is in the ticket business, and he had a pair of tickets to see James Taylor and Carole King that he couldn't get rid of, and he GAVE THEM TO ME!!!! DH was hiking today, and didn't want to be out late, so I called a friend and she came with me.


The seats were great, the concert was amazing, and I can't remember the last time I went out three nights in a row.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen again for quite a long time. Trifectas are special because they're rare.


Nina said...

Yay for perfect weekends!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Boy, it'll be hard to come down after that weekend.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...
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km said...

That's amazing! I hope you have another perfect weekend coming up! It's so much easier to be a mom after a bit of refreshment. I'm hoping that the trifecta will be 3 perfect weekends.

Anonymous said...

What a great great weekend!

Dorothy said...

3 perfect weekends is probably doable, but 3 perfect weekends involving uniterrupted conversation with my husband - probably not!

Carole King and James Taylor got trumped by all four kids singing in the car today. (Although, I'm not sure if the baby was singing or just making noise.)