Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Difference Between 3 and 5

Our city has a pond with a beach. It's not the ocean - there's no salt water and no waves. Thus, it's the PERFECT place to take little kids.

We didn't make it to the pond at all last summer, so that last time we were there, Little Girl was 3 and Little Boy was 2. Let me tell you the difference two years can make. The kids are taller, and that means they can venture a little farther away from the sand. Also, they're smart enough to just stand up if they fall down and their heads go under water. When we went yesterday, Baby Girl stayed home with Daddy, and that meant that I got to do something I've never really done at the beach before.

I sat and knit.

I'm working on dress for Baby Girl using a yarn called Lyndon by Bristol Yarns. The yarn is a fingering weight blend of pima cotton and silk - perfect for knitting with at the beach. The picture does not do the color of the yarn justice. The blue really pops, and I know it's going to bring out Baby Girl's blue eyes.

Also, I've finished the first part of my top secret project. This is all you get to see for now, but I'll try to show you glimpses of more when I can.

Happy Knitting!


Nina said...

Looks like a great beach to take the kids to!

km said...

I'm experiencing that great difference too. Now that mine are 8, 7, & 5...taking them places has gotten so much easier.

Your secret project looks like a sock.