Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi there.

I feel like I owe you (whoever you are) a good long post. A little bit about the knitting I've been doing, and little bit about the mommy life in general. I've been having a hard time focusing on things lately though, and I'm not sure I can muster up much at the moment, but I'll try.

I've started the Fair Isle hat for little boy - I've been working on it here and there, and have the border done. I've knit a hat for an orphan in Estonia. It was going to be kind of girly with some cables, but then there was some confusion about whom was knitting for whom, so it's just a basic unisex hat instead. However, it's bright red and hopefully the color will be cheery enough. I cast on this morning for a bright blue hat for my other orphan. This one will have a little bit of texture, but again, I'm hoping the color brightens up his Christmas. I also have a sweater hanging out on the needles for the baby, which I hope to pick up again sometime this year. I should probably take some pictures to jazz up these posts, but that sounds like so much work right now.

Mommy-ing has been a little stressful the last few weeks. Big Boy can be a challenging, and lately, I just feel like I lack the energy to be on top of everything. I'm hoping that prayer and love will overcome all my shortcomings in this area. Little boy has been struggling since his sister started school - the number of friends available for playdates has reduced a lot this year, and unfortunately, we just don't know a lot of boys. I have a meeting later this week with the school district to see if he qualifies for any of their preschool programs. I have mixed emotions about this - he's only 3 - but we'll see what our options are and go from there. Little girl is loving school, but has developed a little attitude which we are encouraging to disappear. The baby is wonderfully happy, and very much enjoying the world of solid food. I gave her the tiniest piece of chocolate chip cookie the other day, and she looked at me like I revealed a little piece of heaven. Score one for Mommy!

Today was in the mid-60s, so we've been outside most of the day. Hopefully, everyone will go to sleep nice and early!

Happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad my comment made you laugh :)
I'm trying to knit a fair isle mitten for Joel's niece and so far had to tink 5 times in two rounds...I think I found my knitting nemesis.

Sounds like your big boy hit puberty early.
We were awfully shy kids, so my mom would go out with us to play and ask any kids who happen to be around if they wanted to play with us. I hope your little boy finds friends to play with.