Thursday, November 5, 2009

Browser Issues

I've tried to post a couple of times the past few days, and my browser(s) keep acting up. Grrr!

I'm knitting SLOWLY, when I should be knitting quickly. Christmas is totally on my mind, and there's a sense of urgency there. I have a lot of other random thoughts running around my mind, but can't seem to find the time or focus to post them. Hopefully, after this weekend, things will get calmer.

Tonight, we're hosting a dinner for missionary friends of ours who are home from Africa. They're only here for a month, and we're hoping to get some great quality time with them. But today, that means I'm cleaning and not knitting. I would rather be knitting. Cleaning has really gone downhill since the knitting started, you know?

I'm off to dust. Happy knitting!

1 comment:

Jknits said...
It changed my life.
Knitting lasts longer than dusting.