Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter White Tam

Last night, I completed a Christmas gift! The Winter White Tam was a pretty easy knit, and the Prima Alpaca yarn is just a DREAM to knit. Overall, I'm very pleased with this hat, although I'm concerned about the size. It seemed kind of small last night, but I blocked it, and hopefully, it will be ever so slightly bigger. I'm really hoping that my sister-in-law likes it. She's a crocheter, so at the very least, she will appreciate the effort. Last year, she got a beautiful white winter coat, and I thought this would go with it perfectly!

The rest of the week I have washcloths to knit to accompany Big Boy's teacher gifts (he made bath scrub) and I'd like to finish up my February Lady Sweater. At this point, all other knitting is off the proverbial Christmas table. Once the FLS is done, I'm moving on to baby knitting.

Happy knitting all!


ponyknit said...

Beautiful Tam! I love winter white.

Knit'inCrazee.... said...


You do such Beautiful work!