Monday, December 15, 2008

Completed Christmas Gift

Way back in April, I started knitting Reasonably Hip (Rav. link) for my nephew for Christmas. The pictures in the pattern totally look my nephew, and I really thought he might like it. Today, I FINALLY sewed the brim to the hat. It's kind of ridiculous - I think the actual knitting only took a few weeks of occasional attention, but the finishing....well, I just wasn't that motivated I guess. Overall, I'm pleased with the hat, and I hope that Michael is too. (And really, even if he's not, he'll totally fake it when he opens the gift. He's good like that.)

Supposedly, I have 4 more washcloths to knit to include with the bath salt scrubs that Big Boy made for his teachers, his mom, and his aunt. Ummmmm, I'm thinking they're not going to get done. So, I'll be keeping my eye out for bath scrubbies at the dollar store. Seriously, I just want to knit baby stuff now, but I totally have to finish my February Lady Sweater, or it will never get done. Not to mention the silk scarf that should be done too. Where does all the knitting time go?

Maybe to activities like this:

Take 12 kids under the age of 4, throw in 84 graham crackers, 2 pounds of sugar, and a ton of candy, and you have a pretty good time! (And I have to say, this whole experience was a lot less sticky than I had anticipated.)

I hope you're having as much fun anticipating Christmas as I am!

Happy Knitting!


elizabeth said...

Congrats on finishing the hat! And I have to admit that it looks like everybody had a grand time!

ponyknit said...

Super cute hat. Love the houses!
Just posted your XMas meme. Your contagious ;)