Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teeny Tiny Top

I FINALLY have a finished object to show off! The Teeny Baby Top by Moondust Boutiques. This was a test knit for the pattern, which should be available to purchase in the beginning of July. It's super cute, and pretty easy. There's some tricky picking up of stitches for the sleeves, but it's so worth it. I was nervous at first - it just didn't look like anything! Once it was all seamed together though, it looked great!

I used two skeins of Tahki cotton, and size 2 needles (as opposed to the size 2.5 called for in the pattern.) I took the time to do the gauge swatch (applause for me!) My needles were very pointy and I had a hard time maintaining the same tension throughout. I don't think any babies will mind, and I realize I should have invested in a size 2 needle that was less pointy, and thus not likely to hurt my poor pointer finger so much. I was hoping the yellow would make it gender neutral, but it still might be a bit girly.

I'm making good progress on the Lillian Tank. I've split for the armholes, and am working on the back. I hope to have it done within the week. The Summer of Socks has been going on for over a week, and I still haven't cast on! Pathetic, I know. My goal of the summer was only two pairs, but still....

Happy Knitting!

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km said...

I think being a test knitter would be so fun...getting a sneak peak for the pattern. But, then you have to knit on a timeline...and I'm sure that my life would interfere. This turned out beautiful.