Monday, June 23, 2008


I know I've been very absent lately, but I have a really good excuse - I've been planning a surprise party for my husband's 40th birthday. The party was Saturday, and it went off perfectly!

The DH thought we were having an afternoon/evening out by ourselves. Unbeknownst to him, my parents had driven into town the night before. The little ones and I left the house early (so Daddy could sleep in), drove to the hotel and spent time with my parents. I left the kids with them, and met my husband back at our house. I put him in the car, blindfolded him, and took him to the site of our first official date - bowling. Tons of fun, and SO NICE to be out without kids. I blindfolded him again and took him out for cocktails and appetizers - fried calamari that was super delicious, and wonderful garlicky mussels. Another blindfold, and driving around in some circles, and I arrived back at our house. The guests were all waiting outside the car, and DH got a huge surprise when I took off his blindfold. (I wish I had a better picture - can you see the surprised look?)

31 people, including his brother from Texas. I had a slideshow going on the TV - pictures from all different times of hubby's life (including several 80s prom pictures), personalized candy bars, and a picture of DH as an infant on the cake. It was well worth all the effort to see my husband surrounded by all the people who love him dearly. He truly is the nicest person on the planet, and I am so blessed to have him as mine!

But seriously, this whole thing has totally impeded on my knitting time. I have until the end of the month to finish a test knit. Plus, I have my tank top, and the Summer of Socks has started, and I have to even cast-on! I'm hoping to knit happily away this week!

Happy knitting to all of you!


km said...

What an AWESOME surprise! I'm horrible with secrets, so I'm not sure I could ever pull that off.

Totally excused from the no-knitting and absence. But, I bet your fingers are itching for the needles.

ponyknit said...

Awesome surprise!

KrisW said...

The whole day and party sounded perfect. :) I'm so glad that you and hubby had some time alone, too. :)
What a great time!

Miss Me said...

that sounds so lovely! mr. me turns 40 this year as well. he told me that he REALLY didn't want anything - until last we that is... how quickly can i pull together a b-day party for him? geesh! men...