Thursday, May 1, 2008

Unproductively Productive

That's how my day was yesterday. Reasonably Hip was looking pretty small. I finally measured its circumference - 15". It should be 19". Frogged it and recast on with size 9 needles. Spent some time looking for provisional cast-on information. Attempted to follow the video at several times, without any luck. (I'm pretty certain the problem is me, and not the video). Finally found this on Knitty, only to have my husband close the tab without me bookmarking it. I also knit a few rows on a baby washcloth, and assembled a diaper cake for the baby shower on Saturday. It's all done except for the ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands. After assembling it and figuring out where the "stuff" (stuffed animal, knit hat and bonnet, wrist rattles, and binky clip) were going to go, I've decided that I will only be needing 4 baby washcloths, so no more worrying about getting another 3 done.

I went to bed feeling like I'd done a lot of work without accomplishing anything.

Since baby washcloths are no longer an issue, I cast on for Zoom - a cover for my swiffer! This was my playground knitting for the day. I only finished 6 rows, but that's kind of the idea of playground knitting - it really doesn't matter if it moves along quickly.

After coming home for the playground, the little ones had a nice long nap, and I provisionally cast-on for the Celtic Knot Stole and knit the first row. And minutes later found the designer's original post of the pattern, along with this, an explanation of how to do a crochet cast-on, as she did for the stole. And now, I must decide - start over, or leave what I've done. The deciding factor is going to be figuring out how the edging attaches to the main body of the stole. I was confused, but figured I could knit the whole stole before I had to worry about it. I'm off to either do the dishes or look at the directions again and throw out questions on Ravelry. (What do you think - housework or knitting?)

Edited - good thing I reread the directions before harassing anyone! The crochet cast-on is for the border edging. So, still confused about that, but today's work can stay, and I'll figure out the border later.

BTW - instead of knitting stuff, I totally should have been doing Pilates while the kids napped. No wonder I never get any skinnier!

The little ones are having a tea party, complete with raisins and graham crackers.

Happy Knitting!

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km said...

I'm eating icecream and checking blogs while the kids play quiet for a minute...guess that's why I'm not loosing weight either.