Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Prizes!

Look what I received in the mail yesterday!

This is my prize from Kristen's blogiversary. And I have to say, what a GREAT prize!

There's some Patons Wool (I really love Patons Wool!), Moose Munch (YUMMY!), some notecards, and some beautiful wooden needles. There's also a beautiful beaded angel ornament (now hanging on my tree, right in front), and the makings for pipe cleaner candy cane ornaments. We used to make them in Sunday School, and I always had so much fun! The kids were VERY excited to see the candy canes - they're hanging on the tree at the moment, but I'll be surprised if they last there very long. Also, an adorable nativity figurine (on top of the TV), and finally, there was such a great book - "Prayers and Promises for Mothers". Boy, do I need to rely on God's promises CONSTANTLY, especially with my kids.

Thank you so much Kristen. This is such a wonderful package!


km said...

I'm glad you like it all. The knitting needles looked really fun, yet still smooth wood. I know that's the stuff we never buy for I just wanted to bless you. Happy Thursday!

Miss Me said...

what a great package! i love the nativity figures. did kristen make them??? if she did, i'll have to try to get the instructions. they are SWEET!

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Can't wait to see the pipe cleaner candy canes... The book sounds like something any Mom would enjoy!