Tuesday, January 7, 2014

St. Distaff Day

The first Monday after 12th Night is St. Distaff Day. You can read a bit more about the history of this day here. This year, I was able to attend this event in Westford.


My biggest highlight came right at the end, when Judy (Hi Judy!) introduced herself to me and told me she reads/watches the blog!!!!! Totally made my day!!! This is the first time I've ever met anyone whom I didn't know before they started reading the blog. So exciting!!!

So, basically, a bunch of spinners show up, sit around the room and spin. It was neat to see all the different wheels and spindles and the different fibers that people were spinning. I had the opportunity to try a Journey Wheel, while sitting next to Mr. Bosworth, maker of said wheel! Turns out, Mr. Bosworth lived in Buffalo for a couple of years so we had a few things to chat about. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. I so wish I could make it to the spinning group regular get-togethers!

That's me and my new friend Terry. (I stole this picture from a post by Mrs. Bosworth)

There was also a silent auction to benefit the local museum where we were meeting. I bid on a Bosworth spindle, but the bidding went too high for me. I did however, win a Fiber Optic Gradient (Espresso to Gold) and 8 oz. of undyed Coopworth roving.I've been kicking myself for not buying from Fiber Optic at Rhinebeck and am excited to try her fiber! The Coopworth was bought for $2 - can't beat that for a new fiber!

I've been knitting lots of stockinette in the round without craving anything else, but I'm starting to feel ready for something that requires thought. Maybe that sweater will come out to play....

Happy Knitting!


Wool Free and lovin knit said...

looking good!

Judy said...

Hope to see you again at another event! I am already looking forward to next year's St. Distaff Day!

SapphireBlue said...

How fun to gather with a group of friends. I had never heard of St. Distaff Day.