Monday, January 27, 2014


Clearly, blogging is still not happening on any kind of regular basis.

But, I have finally figured out Instagram!!!! My username is Mommyknitter and knitterly photos actually get posted there! (I finally have a phone that talks to space and that makes Instagram and Twitter oh-so convenient!)

I think about the blog quite a bit. I think about videocasting occasionally. I have to say that when faced with the question of knitting vs. blogging, I choose knitting. Every single time.

Today though, I have no work, no car, and a cold. So today I will not have to choose between blogging and knitting - I will do both!

First up, my one, lonely finished object:
 Yup. A super boring blue hat. I had knit my husband a fair isle hat for Christmas (one that I should probably get a picture of one of these days.) It's exactly like this one, that I made my husband for Christmas 2012, but 12 stitches smaller. And it was still too big. Enter the prototype hat - another 12 stitches smaller knit with some random blue Cascade 220 in the stash. It is now too small. I will try again with 6 more stitches. But later, because I only have so much time to be knitting prototypes when there is serious knitting to be done! For those keeping track of my yardage with me, this hat took 100 yards of yarn.

The week between Christmas and New Years I cast on a Patriotic Ear Flap Hat by Marleen, in anticipation of the Winter Olympics. This time I used Cascade 220 Superwash. I'm on the fence about adding the intarsia stars to the blue of the hat, so it's just been hanging out in my awesome new knitting basked waiting for a decision. (I will say that this hat also feels a little bit big, but its for me, not my husband, and I'm not one to complain about such things.) Not finished yet, so no yardage.
 This is some Briggs and Little wool that Jacquie gifted me when I was at Rhinebeck. It's all wound up and ready to become some thrummed mittens. I haven't started them yet, obviously.
Because there are always socks on the needles - my current pair from Patons Kroy Blue Ragg stripes. You've seen them everywhere. Here's mine. I'm still trying to decide about what kind of heel to use. Any suggestions?
 And finally, the reason why nothing else is getting done - my Geology Shawl by Verybusymonkey. I have really loved this pattern since I first saw it and knew that this yarn from Creature Comforts would be perfect! The yarn is called "Exit, Pursued by a Bear" and was part of the shop's very short Shakespeare Club. The colors remind me of the earth and I knew right away it was a perfect match for this pattern.

This picture doesn't show off the texture as awesomely as it looks in real life
I've been trying to get this shawl done before my local knitting guild meeting next week. Judith Durant is coming to present on blocking and she will choose one shawl from the members with which to demonstrate! Maybe she'll choose mine! Or, maybe she won't, but at least something will have been finished!

Here's another picture to give you a better idea of the texture:
I'm on the second to last section and the last section is feather and fan, so I hope to have the shawl done by mid-week. I plan to take up my long-hibernating Dark and Stormy, with the hopes of finishing it before the Olympics. It's unlikely, but I'll try. My Olympic Knitting will be the Carmen Banana sock monkey from KnitPicks. I've never knit a toy before, so it will be a true challenge.

I've also been spinning a little bit - an Into the Whirled braid that I'm fractal spinning but wish I had just 3-plyed. I'll talk about that another day.

Or not.

But there's sure to be pictures on Instagram.

Happy Knitting!

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Judy11 said...

Dorothy - the Geology Shawl seems to call to me. Hubby got his Master's in geology and geophysics. I like her others in the series too. I am not sure i could do a brown base for it - but maybe grey tones. Might provide some interesting options to try to coordinate the shawl name and the yarn colors. I bet hubby would get involved with input of real colors of layered rock too.