Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spinning!!! On a Wheel!!!

Yesterday, I w finally able to spin on my wheel (there might have been a moment on Sunday night where I had to sternly tell my husband to SET THE POLYURETHANE DOWN). I had so much fun!!!!

Here's me spinning in my new little spinning nook in the dining room (and by new I mean I put the spinning wheel in front of the chair and put my fiber in the little basket that makes up the bottom of the table).
 The learning curve for basics wasn't too steep. Here's my first and second attempts.
First Attempt

Second Attempt
I think it's okay for a beginner. I spun up another batch of singles this morning and I'll ply the two better ones together tomorrow (I think the first singles will not be saved).
I also used the wheel to ply some of the pink romney I've been spinning on my Golding spindle. I was tickled to realize that my antique bobbins fit very well on the Traveller's bobbin holders and I could ply from them. (One bobbin obviously had more fiber on it than the other.)
Here's the plied yarn:

I have more to ply, but this was SO MUCH FASTER than plying on the spindle.

I'm using the wheel as a single drive and spinning on the lowest ratio. I wish I understood more about when to use the different ratios, but I'm sure I'll learn as I go. Next time we go to the library, I'll see if there are any spinning books around. 

I have been knitting too! Right now, I'm working on a simple 2x2 ribbed scarf for my FIL's birthday and a baby cardigan. I hope to finish them both by the end of the week; I want to start a sweater for me! I'll try to get some pictures up this week.

I love that the kids are content to sled outside (we have a small hill in our yard) or play with their new toys. I'm giving myself a break in getting stuff down around the house this week and just resting and enjoying all the fibery goodness!

Happy knitting!