Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Finished Yarn!

I skeined up some yarn yesterday, soaked it, thwacked it, and hung it up to dry. Here are my two finished yarns:

The first is Romney fiber from Into the Whirled that I bought at Rhinebeck. I spun the singles on my Golding spindle, but plied them on my wheel:

 As you can see, it's a bit overspun, although it's much better since I soaked it. When I first took it off the niddy noddy it completely spun up on itself.
Obviously, it's very uneven, but I think there are signs of hope for consistency. I have about 50 yards of a dk-ish weight (the weight varies A LOT through the skein.) I still have some singles left to ply and about 1.5 oz of the fiber left to spin.

Next, I have the wheel spun skein:
 This picture actually doesn't do it justice. The skein is very well balanced. It had just the slightest twist when it came off the niddy noddy, but hangs beautifully after its bath.
Again, very inconsistent. I have about 50 yards of again, a dk-ish weight. The fiber is Romney sliver that came with my wheel.

Yesterday, I moved the driveband to the faster whorl and I'm spinning singles significantly thinner than these.

Despite the spinning time, I have been knitting too!

I have a friend who is having her third child any day now. I've been working on this cute little sweater:
It's supposed to be a 6 month size, but it feels a little narrow to me. We'll see how it looks after the button bands are in place. I LOVE the cable detail along the raglan lines and if the size seems right, I will definitely knit this sweater again! I'm going to a new knitting group tonight and hope to finish one if not both sleeves.

My car and holiday knitting was this sock:

 The yarn is from Lollipop Yarns on etsy in the Ski Lodge Colorway. (The odd blue stripe between the red and the black is for the afterthought heel). Lollipop Yarns updates every Sunday at 7 and you have to be quick! The updates usually sell out in minutes! It took me 3 weeks to finally get some yarn! The toe is ready to be grafted and I have yet to start the second sock. There on hold until I finish the baby sweater.

I'm also working on a 2x2 rib black scarf out of Cascade 220 for my father-in-law. It's black. It's ribbed. I'm sure you can picture it. :)

Not much else is going on here. The house is slowly returning back to normal. I've been putting Christmas decorations away at an astoundingly slow rate, but am trying to find the motivation to really work at it until it's done (SO hard to do with my wheel staring me!). I'd like to do a little organizing every day as we still have lots of loose ends around the house. I know that in the long run, the better organized the house, the more time I have to do fun stuff. Maybe I'll have be really focused this weekend! (Maybe........)

I hope you're enjoying whatever it is that you're working on these days!

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