Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You may have noticed I haven't blogged much lately. And, you may also have noticed that I haven't really knit anything since the beginning of last month. I just haven't been feeling like it latley. This is not good news, as I have recently spent a lot of money on yarn. Some of the yarn has been bought in quantities to make baby girl things for this summer. Things that I cannot make it a larger size given the quantities of yarn that I bought.
I should really start knitting.
I have a few projects on the needles - Falling Stars, by Knitpicks. I enjoy the color work, but I find alternating both color and knit/purl stitches tedious, and the chart really requires focus, and I havne't had much of that lately. A top secret project which has been more ripping than knitting, and an Oriental Lily which is kind of boring. Plus, the forever-lasting Celtic Knot stole. Again, the whole chart/focus thing. I'm hoping that my desire/need to knit comes back, and soon. I'm assuming it's missing for any combination of the following reasons:
  • Legitimate family stress that just is, and the process of working through that stress is kind of draining. I think I regularly underestimate the stress of 4 kids. I don't like dwelling on it, but I have to admit that it tires out a mommy.
  • Lack of immediate interest in my OTN projects
  • Apparent inability to start a new project until at least one of the OTN projects is done. I keep reminding myself of what the Yarn Harlot says - "There are no knitting police"
  • Time. Housework can take up a lot of time. The weather is nicer so I'm outside with the kids a lot more, and I'm trying to be more active so I can lose a few pounds before my cousin's wedding next month. All of this takes up time that I could be knitting.
  • The possibility that my knitting mojo has gone on vacation without me.

I'm hopeful that this slump ends soon. I'm hopeful that the Red Sox' slump ends soon too, but I'm not holding my breath.

We'll see how things go.

I do hope that you're happily knitting!

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Jane said...

It happens to me all the time. What usually gets me over one is having to write a pattern down. It's amazing how desperate I get to knit again when I have to write a pattern.;P

procrastinator? Who? Me?