Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Boy

Yesterday, Little Boy turned 5. 5!!! I can hardly believe it!!

My boy is a runner, and has been since he could walk. He hits the ground running in the morning, and runs all day. In fact, the only complaint we hear from his teachers is that he needs to use walking feet more, and running feet less. He is a natural athlete, and we can't wait to see what sports he will pick as his (although DH is hoping hockey and I'm hoping baseball. I have a feeling it might be track). Despite his athletic toughness, he's sensitive, and his feelings are easily hurt.

Of all the kids, Little Boy seems to have the best sense of humor. He's often "jokin' around". And he's lost a front tooth, and the other tooth is a little crooked, and when he smiles, oh my goodness, he lights up the whole room! Little boy is also a hug cuddlebug, and gives everyone a ton of hugs a day.

I know it's crazy, but his first word was "broom". This boy loves to clean! He's a huge help around the house, and loves that he can help out by vacuuming. (I usually give him a quarter to vacuum to the furniture. He love's using the upholstry brush). He's also a tremendous organizer, and has been known to disappear into the basement (storage central in our house), just to "make things neater."

Like most boys, Little boy aspires to be like his Daddy. He wanted a yellow cake this year, because that's what kind of cake Daddy has. He has recently acquired a toolbelt, and has been helping Daddy with a project to fix the bunk beds. He's so proud of himself!

Little boy is far from perfect. He has a hard time listening sometimes, and he can be really impulsive. And he insists on writing his name from the right to the left, which is impeding his ability to get his own library card (and he really wants his own card!) But he's sweet, and friendly, and so full of laughter. I am truly blessed to have been entrusted with this child.

Happy birthday my dear sweet boy. I love you!

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