Sunday, May 2, 2010


I never really thought I'd become so fascinated by yarn. I have a hard time passing it up in a store. I'm on a budget though, and I rarely fare well if I buy yarn without a project in mind, so that helps me keep my fascination from an addiction. (I don't deny having a knitting addiciton. But I'm not addicted to yarn. I know, because I went to a fiber related festival last week and didn't buy any yarn.)
I really loved knitting with the Baby Alpaca yarn I used for the cool hat (see previous post). And I really enjoyed knitting with the sock yarn I bought from Rainbow Stitches. The 100% silk I used for the Oriel lace scarf was quite nice. But, honestly, although these stand out, I'm also pretty darn happy knitting away with Patons Wool. For me, the yarn fascination is in the feel of it before I bring it home, and appreciating it for just being yarn. Once a project is started though, I'm usually far more interested in what the yarn will become. As long as it doesn't hurt my minds to knit with it, I'm pretty happy.
I'm easy like that.

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km said...

I've got a modest stash. Most of the stash yarn has been bought with specific projects in mind...that I just haven't had enough time for. I need to find more time...