Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Most days, I feel like a work a lot without actually getting a lot done. Laundry, dishes, kids....these chores seem to fill up most of my day, but rarely leave me feeling productive. Today, was not that kind of day.

No, I didn't hang up flip flops. But apparently, Little Boy did.

I spent the morning blocking Gail. I'm sure I was quite a sight, kneeling on the bed in my nightgown, pinning away. I found this a lot easier to block than my last lace shawl. I think the pattern with center lines helped, plus I used my new lace blocking wires that I received for Christmas. I LOVE the way blocking alters the lace to the perfect shape. I feel so smart and accomplished!

Last week, I got a new sewing machine. Today, I made a valence for the front door. It's not quite as wide as it probably should be, but this is my first sewing project ever done without my mom nearby. (Somewhere, generations of Tellefsens and Jorgensens are breathing sighs of relief. I belong with them.)

A blocked shawl, a new valence, dishes, two loads of laundry, and a trip to the library. One productive day.


Jknits said...

Congrats on the sewing machine. I think you will find plenty of uses for it. I love the shawl. Nicely blocked.

km said...

That's beautiful! I want to see a photo with you too...how big is the shawl?

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wow, that shawl is IMPRESSIVE -- looks gorgeous blocked. You should be very proud of yourself -- and yeah for all the other chores ticked off the to-do list too!

Jane said...

ah...house chores. The only time people notice it, is when we don't do any :P

Yay for the shawl and the sewing machine. It's always nice to have something pleasant waiting for us - between laundry, dusting, dishes...

There isn't a graceful way to block a piece. At least I didn't find any, but then again, I'm no lady.

Nina said...

Well, you *have* been productive! :) The shawl looks great! And congrats on the new sewing machine. :) I wish I could get a new one, the one I have now is just sooo slooow compared to the ones we have at school. I think I'll just start taking all my sewing with me to school, and be done in, like, two seconds.