Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Much to Say...

I have SO much to update you on! Projects started, projects completed, a new knitting friend, a knitting ministry at church, cute kid things, Black Friday shopping...where has November gone? I won't get everything into this post, but hopefully I'll be able to catch you up over the next week or so.

I'll start with this:

Baby girl's December hat. I used this newborn sized pattern, but used larger needles and knit more rows between decreases. I did this on the 10 hour car ride to Buffalo last Wednesday. It was a good match because we were in the dark most of the trip, but I don't really need to see very well to knit and purl. Although, at some point I had to unknit and used the glow of my cell phone to see what I was doing (I forgot my book light.) I did not knit bobbles for the ornaments, but used pompoms I had, and I also added two large bells under the yellow pompom. Baby Girl jingles!
In kid news - Big boy has some really cool things going on! On Monday, he was tested in his karate class, and is now an official yellow belt. He'll be competing in his first competition on December 12th. To get ready, we've watched The Karate Kid - I love that movie! On Veteran's Day, Big boy attended a poety workshop through the Chamber of Commerce. His poem is one of 8 poems selected to be read during the city's holiday pops concert this Friday. The Navy Band is playing the concert, and the kids will be reading their poems between songs. We're really proud of him!


wool free and lovin' knit said...

Welcome back.Hope you had a great holiday with your family. Cute hat there! Just shows you the upside o a LONG drive home!

Miss Me said...

cute hat!
kudos to big boy. sounds like he is one very well rounded and accomplished kid.