Monday, December 7, 2009

Fourth Trimester

My church is restarting a ministry to new moms called Fourth Trimester. Each new mom will receive a visit from an experienced mom, and each new baby from our church will receive a gift bag that includes, among other things, a handmade item. I've volunteered to coordinate this ministry (which really involves spending time knitting stuff with other knitters, and an email here and there to coordinate a visit - no biggie!) We kicked off the knitting portion last month with a knitters luncheon. One of the knitters who came is Joan. Go check out her blog - she's working on a really cool afghan, and she's already finished a sweater for Fourth Trimester. (I've barely started mine - Christmas knitting still getting in the way.....)

Earlier today, baby girl took her first steps that didn't result in an immediate fall. When she did finally fall, she totally clapped for herself! I love that she knows to be proud! Right now she's playing with two spoons. It cracks me up how busy she keeps herself!

I'm off to work on more knitting that hopefully I'll get around to showing you soon!

Happy Knitting!

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