Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updated Christmas Knitting

Last January I joined a group on Ravelry dedicated to doing one project a month in preparation of Christmas. I made a list, I had a plan, I've done.....none of it. Not one single Christmas project. So, as soon as the Fancy Pants Socks are done (just the foot of the second sock to go, and it has to be done by September 1st to qualify as a Summer of Socks pair - that's another goal not reached....) and Baby Girl's February Sweater, it will be all Christmas knitting, all the time.

Here's the items that need to be done:

1. Pumpkin Hat for Baby Girl (okay, NOT Christmas knitting, but I want it done anyway.)
2. Stocking for Big Boy (He's ASKED, and there's not many things I can knit a 9 year old that he'll really love. Pattern is ordered)
3. Norwegian Hat for Little Boy (from kit my mom gave me for Christmas)
4. Oriel Lace Scarf (because I've been working on it for two years.)
5. Hat for my SIL's brother
6. Matching sweaters for Little and Baby Girls
7. Celtic Lace Stole for friend
8. Christmas Tree hat for Baby Girl (because I'm a knitter, and my kids should have cutsy hats!)

The bold items are non-negotiable, and MUST be done! I confess, the list is ambitious, but I'm hopeful......

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Alaina said...

Hello Team mate :)

I love the list - I joined one of those groups also - and nope, never followed

The best intentions....

I am just looking/snooping around my team mates blogs...

Am very excited about the race beginning...Go Team!!!