Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Girl's Second Hat

Last year, I made little girl Ela's Favorite Hat from the original One Skein Wonders book. This year, she got her purple spiral hat. But, three days later we bought her snowsuit (at a GREAT price at Sears), and it happens to be pink and brown. And I happened to have this pink and brown wool in my stash. And I needed an easy project to take to see the Yarn Harlot. Thus, here is little girl's second winter hat, once again modeled by Annabelle. (Where is Ruggles?????)

Last night, I actually worked on the February Lady Sweater. It's so slow, it's unbelievable.

1 comment:

Ursula said...

love the hat! the book is in my library... i see a hat coming....

Hope you're feeling well and the pregnancy is going well too!