Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Episode 8: Long Time, No See

Episode 8: Long Time, No See from Dorothy Minear on Vimeo.

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Judy11 said...

I so wish, after watching this, that I could make the NH sheep & wool festival. But our town has a local arts & crafts fair that day and since both girls and families were coming for it - we celbrated mother's day here then. Poor timing for us for wooly goodnesses but good timing for family.

I have 2 Tucker Woods yarns - not BB toes - from CT sheep & wool fest. Have not found time to knit them yet (it's for me and I generally come last on my list.)

Looking at your dish clothes is making me want to fulfill Katie's desire to get back into knitting. She loves homemade items for teacher, nurse, etc as end of year gifts. Maybe I will spend a day or two with her getting her back on the needles. For mother's day present, she gave me a day of time together. We did lunch shopping etc. A rarity for the 2 of us to be alone without kids. Was really nice.

Enjoyed peering into your purchases and took notes on several yarn sources as you went. I too love the Celestrium pi shawl and have it in queque - hubby has a passion (and training) for astronomy so it seemed so me....someday I hope. I will be watching to see how you feel about the pattern. i love the look of items with beads in them.

Nice to 'see' you again!! Consider joingin us in the fall for our trip :)