Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Since once upon a time, I was a teacher, and before I was a teacher I was a student, and I'm married to a teacher, and I have three kids in school, the start of a fresh new year is truly September. You've probably noticed that there hasn't been a lot of posting on the Mommy+Knitter blog lately, and you've probably noticed that there is even less knitting.

This is an accurate reflection of my life at the moment.

We had a great summer. I've had a spectacularly busy new school year.

1. Little Boy started kindergarten yesterday. He did great. He loves it. I'm sure he'll have a great year socially, and I hope he pays a little attention in class!

2. I signed up to get Flylady daily digests. Over the last year my house has become more and more disorganized, and I needed a plan. Over the last two weeks, things look a lot better, and that's making me a lot calmer.

3. I joined Weight Watchers. Over the last year I've gained about 20 pounds. That means I weight about 25 pounds too much, and the weight has to go. I've looked into WW before, but it was always too expensive. HOWEVER, right now they have a deal where they waive the registration fee and you get two months for the price of one. I've been working the program for one week, and I've lost 2.4 lbs. Yeah me!

4. I also bought a Zumba DVD set, since I really loved the Zumba class I took last spring, and realized a. my husband teaches the same night as the class and b. I need to exercise more than once a week. The set came with a 10-day drop a dress size plan. I'm sure that's contributed to my weight loss, but it also means I'm really stinkin' tired by the end of the day.

5. After dinner, I've been making an effort to spend good time with the kids, shine my kitchen sink (it's a flylady thing), make 4 lunches so they're all ready for the next day, read my Bible, and do assorted other things that just have to get done. You'll notice, knitting isn't anywhere on that list.

I'm hoping that after we settle into the kindergarten/grade school/middle school schedule, I'll be able to carve out some knitting time. In the meantime, I'm trying not to let it upset me. The yarn isn't going anywhere.

Happy knitting to you, if you have the time to do some!


sapphireblue said...

Flylady has some really good tips, especially using a timer to focus on one area for 15 mins. I'm terrible for being a scatter brain.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

You'll find space for knitting eventually -- it's always good to re-balance at the start of a new year. Good luck with your new goals.