Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This morning, at 8:18 a.m., Little Girl turned 6 years old.

Her birthdays always affects me the most; I'm sure because she's my first. I still remember being scared on my way to the hospital, and the days it took to sink in that I was really a mother. I remember how strange it felt, to hold this little creature in my arms, who for so long had been a part of me. I feel like she was so patient with me, as I learned how to take care of her.

I wish you could all meet my Little Girl. She's wicked smart. She loves to learn just for learning's sake, and she asks questions all the time, but really well thought out ones. She's very artistic, and loves that, in kindergarten, she gets to paint a little bit every day. Little Girl is attentive to everyone. I never need to tell her to make someone a card for their birthday or a holiday. She naturally thinks of others. She almost always says "please" and "thank you" without being reminded.

Sometimes it's hard to watch her navigate the kindergarten social scene. She's not always sure how to handle it when a friend doesn't want to do what she wants to do, or wants to play with someone else. She takes these things rather personally, and has a hard time recognizing that it's often not about her. Thankfully, she gets over things pretty quickly. She seems to have a definite sense of self, and I pray that this helps her to resist peer pressures as she gets older. For now though, I'm thankful for all the moments I get to share with her.

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