Sunday, January 23, 2011

Olympic Hat

I finally finished the Olympic Hat that I knit my aunt for Christmas. I actually finished duplicate stitching the moose two weeks ago, but I was avoiding weaving in all the ends and making the tassels. I'm pretty pleased with the end result:

It is a little bigger than I would have liked, but it fits my husband nicely. If I were to make it again, I would omit some of the white rows before and after the moose. The good news is, if it's really cold, my aunt could fold the brim under and have an extra warm, still pretty hat.

I started a 5-hour baby sweater the other week at church. I'm pretty sure it's taken me 10 hours to finish. I still have to weave in the ends (do you notice a theme to my procrastination), but hopefully I'll get to post pictures later this week. I hope to start the first sleeve for Lia tonight. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow we're back to the grindstone - drop-off, drop-off, errands, pick-up, clean up stuff, pick-up, make dinner, cycle everyone to bed......I'm hoping to actually make it the knitting group I was attending before the holidays. Again, we'll see how it goes.

Happy knitting!


wool free and lovin knit said...

Wow, that hat is AMAZING -- great job. I'm sure your aunt will love it even if it does come down over her eyes. LOL. Seriously, beautiful hat. And yeah on finally finishing the 5 hour baby sweater -- the second one goes much faster!

Nina said...

Looks great!

Kathy said...

LOVE your hat. Truly great.
I cannot wait to see a 5 hour baby sweater. I always have to multiply the stated time by about 4 to get my real time estimate!