Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas To-Do List

Okay, here's what I hope to have done by December 23rd (because I don't want to feel stressed on the 24th, and I REALLY don't want to be knitting Christmas gifts AFTER Christmas).

  1. Stocking for Little Girl (already started)
  2. Stocking for Little Boy
  3. Olympic Hat for my aunt
  4. Celtic Knot Stole for BFF (started a couple of years ago. Really getting ridiculous that it's not done yet)
  5. Socks for my brother (one sock is already finished)
  6. Socks for my sister-in-law
  7. Ridiculous flip-flop socks for our babysitter
  8. Scarf for someone (I have the pattern and the yarn. It might be a teacher gift, or an in-law gift)
  9. A bunch of korkinesse for random people
  10. Slippers for the kids

Okay, honestly, 9 and 10 are not as important as 1-7. I think that it's an ambitious list, but not impossible. I'll keep you updated.

What's on your Christmas knitting list?

1 comment:

Jane said...

It took me more than two years to finish the Pearled Romance stole. There was nothing wrong with the pattern itself, I just lost momentum - I guess.
That stole taught me that although I like how beaded knits look, I don't care for doing it and that I can't keep up with a KAL ;)

I don't have a Christmas list (yet).