Thursday, September 23, 2010

Montego Bay

I know, I've been a bad blogger. The end of summer, the start of school, and life in general has not left much time for knitting or blogging or much of anything not related to the kids and the house.

Thankfully, the Montego Bay Scarf is a pretty mindless knit and travels well. It took a couple of weeks to finish, but it's the perfect warm weather scarf, knit out of the bamboo yarn I bought on vacation.

I've also finally gotten around to practicing with my spindle. I've been told if I practice 15 minutes a day, eventually there will be some consistency in my tension.
(Sorry for the awful picture). I haven't found 15 minutes on a daily basis yet, but I'll get there.

I'm leaving for Buffalo right after school gets out today. I have a retirement dinner to go to on Saturday. I'll explain more about that later.

Happy knitting!

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Nina said...

I'm an even worse blogger.. But I blame everything on moving, and the fact that our house is still in complete chaos. But I plan on weaving in the ends on my fingerless mitts today and blogging about them. Waaay interesting I know. :D

But to the point, your scarf looks very nice, I bet it's soft and cozy to wear around your neck. :) I tried spindle spinning once.. And now I dream of getting a real spinning wheel. Like I really *need* a new hobby..