Sunday, October 4, 2009

School Daze

Tomorrow, little girl will start preschool. I know, it seems late in the school year. She's going to a lab program at the high school, so beside the two teachers there are also a number of high school students who come in and work in the program. School starts in October so that the high schoolers have time to be trained. One of the students is Lauren, our friendly neighborhood babysitter. Little girl is VERY excited that one of her favorite neighbors is also one of her teachers!

I can't tell you how happy little girl is to be going to school - she's been asking for over a year! She loves to learn and socialize, and I know this will be a wonderful, positive experience for her.

All the same, I'm a little sad. For the first time, a very significant portion of her life will happen separate from me. I won't be there to watch her face as she discovers something new, or to see her approach a new classmate and make friends with them. I won't get to hear her sing the goodbye song with the group, or find her in the middle of the morning just to give her a hug. And this is just the very beginning of so much of her life being different from my life. I know that all of this is healthy, and normal. It's part of the process of independence that began when we got her to hold her own bottle, pick up her own toys, and put on her own socks. I'm so proud of the little four year old person that she is, and am just as excited as she is for this next part of her life.

But at the same baby is going off to school, and I'm a little sad.


Miss Me said...

i completely understand. watching your babies grow up is a very bittersweet experience. older son is in his last year of middle school... next year is highschool already. where did the time go?

Nina said...

Aw, I know more than well how you feel. {{hugs}}

km said...

Yes...bittersweet. I know you blink and see her going off to college. Hug her close...and let her fly.