Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Checking In

March is over today, and I've done NO charity knitting. Do you think it will count if I knit two baby hats in April? We've been a little busy here lately.

We're finally starting to see some sun, but it's still cool outside. Just the same, I think I'll take the kiddos for a walk this afternoon.

I have finished a sundress for baby girl, and as soon as I press the pleats, I'll post some pictures. Not real sure when I'll have a chance to press said pleats, but I hope it will be soon!

Happy knitting!


km said...

I think you should get a pass for the month you deliver a baby. People should be bringing you dinner (I hope they do that where you live) and you should be resting. Our Sunday School class makes sure new mamma get 6 meals (MWF for 2 weeks) delivered just in time for dinner for the family.

Or maybe I should offer to knit your March hat for you. I don't have any baby hat patterns in my rotation. What's the best free pattern you've used?

Jknits said...

you've done enough "making" for awhile! She's so beautiful! Love the Red Sox sweater on the model. Now if the rain will just hold off for the home opener, right?